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Payment solutions for software providers, merchants and more

Flexible payments to help your business flourish

Run Payments creates custom payment workflows that work for you and your customers. We develop a customized payments architecture for our clients that spans in-store, in-app, e-commerce and anywhere else your potential customers might be. You’ll have everything you need to get up and running and always stay one step ahead. Because it pays to be flexible.

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From software platforms to sophisticated online stores, over the years we’ve helped thousands of organizations get more from their payment processes. We take pride in making your business our business, providing all the know-how you need to set up, scale up or simply run payments, better. Year on year on year.


  • Current feature assessment and gap analysis
  • Processor review, vendor selection and contract negotiation
  • Setup, onboarding, and platform/processor integrations

  • Risk management, PCI compliance and security best practices
  • Residual data analysis, data normalization and operating income opportunities
  • Custom omni-commerce product engineering

  • GTM sales, marketing and pricing strategies
  • Business intelligence and financial reporting
  • Global expansion capabilities

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The next generation payment platform

We’ve been around the block and know the industry inside out. That’s why we’ve built a best-in-class modern payments platform. All the information and connectivity you need to reach your payments potential, and an expert team on-hand to help — every step of the way.

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  • Transaction Lifecycle Management
  • Virtual Terminal, HPP, Invoicing
  • Interchange Optimization
  • Easy Chargeback Management
  • Modern One-to-Many APIs

  • Revolutionized Underwriting
  • Instant Merchant Enrollment
  • Multiple Processor Connectivity
  • Comprehensive Residual Reporting
  • Dynamic Disbursements

About Us

A sophisticated payments platform designed for the next frontier of accepting, integrating and monetizing payments. 

The payments industry is ripe for a refresh. Innovators have been gobbled up by the big fish. And the more they grow, the less nimble they are.

We’re different. We get to the heart of what you and your customers need, and have the necessary tools and expertise to make it happen.

We know the future of fintech deserves better. And so does your business.

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To find out more about Run Payments, our consultancy services and payments platform — get in touch.


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